A cellular environment simulation system under gradient O2 concentration for studying the drug efficacy of cells under different O2 concentration environments for different time periods after administration of drugs to cells


1、System workstations are manufactured from 10mm transparent acrylic panels with good visibility, insulation and corrosion resistance.

Workstation dimensions

2.1 External occupancy dimensions: height: 750mm, width: 610mm, depth: 750mm, can be placed on a standard laboratory bench.

2.2 The workstation is compact and convenient, occupying an area of less than 0.4m2, easy to place on the experimental table. The ingenious design saves useless space inside and saves gas.

Workstation Capacity

3.1 Workstation capacity during operation: 120 Petri dishes (90mm Petri dishes).

3.2 Transfer Tray: 8 Petri dishes (90mm Petri dishes).

4, transfer box: the front drawer type sample transfer bin, petri dishes into the transfer box, after the nitrogen blowing process, the transfer box will be driven out of all the oxygen, and then open the transfer box door to transfer the petri dishes into the working chamber; transfer box working time ≤ 15 seconds (the transfer box can be reached within 15 seconds of the oxygen-free conditions).

5、Workstation parameter control range

5.1 Oxygen control range:

Anaerobic mode: less than 5ppm

Low oxygen mode: 0-25%, 0.1% increment.

5.2 Carbon dioxide control range: 0-20%, 0.1% increments.

5.3 Temperature: temperature control range: room temperature +3℃~52℃, temperature uniformity ±0.3℃.

5.4 Humidity: digital automatic humidity control system, semiconductor efficient dehumidification device, fast and accurate. Humidity control range: room humidity- 85% humidity.

6, operating system: bare hand operating system. Long sleeve bare hand operation, into the workstation sleeve system after the process of vacuum filling nitrogen, to ensure that the human hand into the workstation when 100% removal of all oxygen, not with oxygen into the workstation.

7, by the foot switch control vacuum and nitrogen filling, standard with external vacuum pump.

8、Detoxification system, removing hydrogen sulfide gas and volatile unsaturated fatty acids, removing growth inhibiting factors. Have a better culture environment and get better culture results.

9、Built-in standard LED lamp, 254nm UV sterilization lamp (sterilization time can be set according to user needs, and automatically shut down when the time comes).

10、Gas supply: N2, CO2, compressed air.

11, low pressure, low temperature, high temperature sound alarm system.

12、Unique dry pressure relief gate design, to protect the internal positive pressure, to prevent gas leakage.

13, the upper cover can be removed as a whole, easy to place larger instruments or thorough cleaning.

14, standard with internal power socket, can be powered to the workstation instruments.

★15, with 6 sections of O2 and CO2 gas cycle function, you can set the target value of different gas concentrations, time and cycle times. Paroxysmal hypoxia, high and low oxygen fluctuation, extreme hyperoxia, intermittent hypoxia and other experiments can be carried out.

★16, equipped with special culture tank for Campylobacter, connected with the host for Campylobacter culture and transfer.

★17, equipped with microbial identification of special tanks, can be placed ≥ 4 pieces of enzyme labeling plate / cell culture plate / identification of strip culture plate, connected with the host, for the identification of microorganisms.