AG300 Anaerobic/Microaerobic Workstation

Inoculation, culture and identification of anaerobic and microaerobic bacteria in anaerobic and microaerobic environments


*1, the temperature range of the incubation room: room temperature +3 ℃ – 52 ℃ (need to be higher temperature culture internal optional specialized incubator.)

Incubation room temperature uniformity: ± 0.3 ℃, PID thermostat system, reliable and stable.

2、Made of 10mm thick acrylic board with excellent visibility, good insulation and strong corrosion resistance. The operation room and incubation room are combined into one, saving space and gas mixture.

*3, large working capacity: the studio can hold up to 400 90mm petri dishes and 70 250ml conical flasks for pure culture.

Dimensions of the operating chamber: L750mm x W620mm x H500mm.

4, gas supply: single gas (anaerobic gas mixture, composed of 10% H2 + 10%CO2 + 80%N2), or double gas (a bottle of pure nitrogen, a bottle of anaerobic gas mixture); gas consumption: low gas consumption (dual-gas mode: 10m3 can be used for about 33 weeks, single-gas mode: 10m3 can be used for about 24 weeks).

5、Can do anaerobic culture, also can do micro-oxygen culture (oxygen concentration: 0-10%).

*6, color touch screen, multi-function PLC intelligent control, more gas saving.

7、Full-automatic humidity control system to avoid petri dish drying.

*8, Sample transfer: portacabin type operation, in and out of the first gas exchange, and then enter the incubator, can be transferred at a time 20 90mm flat dish, both the operation of the access, but also can be used to transfer flat dish. In addition, it can be equipped with single-dish transfer device.

9、Configuration of bare hand operating system, comfortable operation, will not make the skin allergic.

*10, real-time monitoring workstation air intake time interval, monitoring whether the air leakage, to ensure sample safety. Digital recording and display.

11、Extraction of vacuum and nitrogen filling is controlled by a foot switch, with an external vacuum pump as standard.

12、Adopt high efficient palladium catalyst, no need to activate frequently, make the oxygen concentration less than 5ppm.

13、Detoxification system to remove hydrogen sulfide gas and volatile unsaturated fatty acid, and remove growth inhibiting factor. Have a better culture environment and get better culture results.

14、Unique design of dry pressure relief gate protects internal positive pressure and prevents gas leakage.

15、Multiple safety protection devices for low air pressure and over temperature.

*16、”Lift-off “design, the upper cover can be removed as a whole, easy to place a larger instrument or thorough cleaning, standard with power socket.