ColonyCounter 500

For decantation plate counts, smear plate counts, spiral plate counts, ring of inhibition measurements, drug susceptibility analysis and AMES, OPKA, SBA, SRD, multi-zone plate counts



★ 1. Camera: scientific research level ultra-clear Japanese CCD color camera, resolution: 15 million.

2. Lens: Ultra clear Japanese lens × 69 .

★3. Detectable * small colonies: 0.013mm.

4. Light source system (large area ring LED uniform surface light source): luminous diameter of up to 21cm, 360 ° uniform light, up and down light source.

5. Shading door: 2 sliding doors to shield the light from outside sources of interference.

6. Light color: white 5000K, 365nm, 254nm, light source illumination: 2100Lux, light source power: 10W, light source life: > 50000 hours.

7. Light source background combination: 6 kinds.

8.365nm excitation fluorescent colonies (Escherichia coli, green fluorescent protein, etc.): can.

9.254nm UV sterilization: can.

★10.Detectable Petri dish size: round petri dish * large diameter 150mm, square petri dish 120mm.

11. Counting type: pouring mode, uniform mode, spiral mode.

★12. Can be color-coded Petri dish counting.

★13. Bacteriostatic circle analysis is available.

14. Countable: PetrifilmTM meter, NeoFilmTM/ Sanita-kunTM , Compact DryTM and so on.

15. Automatic detection of paper, agar holes, columns (antibiotic analysis), etc. can be counted.

★16. Classification statistics: with multi-parameter classification statistics function, according to the colony color, size, roundness and other parameters, can be counted at the same time five different colonies, and automatic identification and categorization.

★17. Batch statistics function: can batch statistics of the same type of plate, and batch export statistical results, greatly improving the efficiency of counting.

18. USB port: Yes.

19. Specifications (LxWxH): 47 x 47 x 60 cm .

20. Weight: 8 kg.

21. Power supply: 200-240V, 50/60 Hz .

22. Operating system: WindowsTM 7 or 8 or higher.