Anaerobic history

Anaerobic comes from the French anaérobie (anaerobic organism), coined by Louis Pasteur, the famous French chemist and microbiologist.

Advanced Manufacture

Our technological expertise has always been the basis for our advanced manufacturing.

Human Life and Health

Guarding human life and health as a prerequisite. Protecting our responsibility.

Services Scientific

Serving the majority of researchers and university workers, providing efficient scientific research tools.

About Gene Science

Gene Science Inc. is committed to providing quality products and service, shipped on time that meets or exceed our customer’s expectations. We will accomplish this end through our commitment to continually improve our quality management system, service, and processes. 

Our reputation has been built on innovation, high quality, and long-term partnering.

Innovation at the core

Plug & Play

Easy to install, desktop operator console, ergonomic. Non-specialized technical use requirements

Automated Process

Fully automated gas component setup, temperature control, humidity, vacuum, and data logging. Just simple.


We can expand to provide single, double and triple anaerobic benches. To meet the needs of medium and large laboratory equipment embedded.