Continuous culture, passaging, media conversion and observation of bacteria


Temperature control range: room temperature +3℃-52℃, precision 0.1℃; culture room temperature uniformity: ±0.3℃, PID thermostat system, reliable and stable

Equipped with Gas Mixer

Expansion Function

  • With USB port, it can store data for 14 consecutive days and save electronic data to computer in excel format.
  • Alarm system: a number of low air pressure, over-temperature safety protection alarm system.
  • Internal configuration of power socket.
  •  Built-in energy-saving LED/fluorescent light source.
  •  Full-automatic humidity control system to avoid petri dish drying.
  •  First use of air removal method: first charge quantitative nitrogen, and then through the gas mixing controller to automatically adjust the composition of the gas; do not use the first vacuum and then charge the nitrogen process, in order to prevent the risk of rupture of the workstation due to the external pressure is too strong.
  • “lift-off” structure, the upper cover can be removed as a whole, which is convenient for placing larger instruments or carrying out thorough cleaning.