The plate is placed on the turntable of the spiral inoculator, and the sampler sucks up the bacterial suspension to be measured and then touches the agar surface in the center of the Petri dish. While the Petri dish is rotating, the sampling needle moves from the center of the Petri dish to the side, and inoculates the bacterial suspension onto the agar surface. After inoculation, the cultured colonies were distributed according to the Archimedean spiral and became more and more dispersed with the increase of radius.



  1. Environmental requirements: temperature: 5-40 ℃, humidity: 20 %-90%; power requirements: 110-240V, 50Hz.
  2. Only one plate can be used for quantitative microbiological detection of samples with bacterial content from 30~4×105cfu/ml (9cm plate) or 30~4×106cfu/ml (15cm plate), with good dispersion of colonies on the plate, no colony interference at the edge of the dish, easy to count, and accurate results;
  3. The core of Quickprepare is a microprocessor-controlled inoculation device. Pressing a single key, it is fully automated from sample aspiration, spiral inoculation, disinfectant solution as well as water washing;
  4. The use of Teflon inoculation needle, no sample residue, unique inoculation needle balance device, automatic treatment of different agar thickness of the plate; will not scratch the agar plate.