Anaero Mark

Control various gas environmental conditions, and set oxygen content, carbon dioxide content, nitrogen content at will according to experimental requirements to provide continuous cultivation, passage, observation and other work of various bacteria.


Customization function of cultivation gas ratio: oxygen content, carbon dioxide content, nitrogen content, hydrogen content, and vacuum degree can be set arbitrarily according to experimental requirements.

Gas consumption: Micro oxygen demand of about 2 L/12 90mm plates; Anaerobic about 7 L/12 90mm plates. For 10L, 150bar anaerobic gas cylinders, more than 950 micro aerobic tanks can be made, and more than 200 anaerobic tanks can be made.

Can quickly reach the cultivation conditions: microaerobic demand:<2 minutes; Anaerobic:<3.5 minutes.

Incubator volume: 3.5L/7L/10L/20L (option)